Natures 86

All Natural Nature’s 86

Feel confident and be proud that you are using all natural oil containing no harsh chemicals or metals.

Nature’s 86 provides all natural pain relief and faster healing for external ailments such as cuts, scrapes, scratches, burns, bites, and stings (to name a few). The Nature’s 86 proprietary formula contains 100% all natural ingredients. This unique, naturally occurring oil is composed of triglycerides containing multiple combinations of fatty acids and glycerol.

Why does this matter?
Many other healing, antibacterial, and burn creams on the market contain metals such as silver sulfadiazine and/or synthetic ingredients. Nature’s 86 is a safe and strong application for pain and healing. It contains naturally occurring triglycerides, making it the safest and most powerful natural healing and pain relief agent in the world.

This gives you piece of mind knowing that you are not applying any harsh or potentially dangerous topical ointments on your body, which could have negative long or short term effects if applied incorrectly.

From children to senior citizens, Nature’s 86 is the world’s safest and most effective natural product for topical pain and healing. Our natural ingredients are 100% organic, all natural, antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. These attributes provide for quick pain relief with fast healing while also protecting your wound against infection.

Simply put, Nature’s 86 is the safest and most effective natural healing and pain relief oil on the market today.