Essential Oils for Cuts

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  • August 21st, 2018

Essential Oils for Cuts are a great and a healthy alternative to over the counter medications that in most cases contain silver and other harsh chemicals. While these over the counter treatments do work. They can often have side effects or lead to issues with long term exposure.

Nature’s 86 is the most powerful of the essential oils for cuts. Our natural pain relief and healing oil not only heals cuts faster but also contains a strong natural pain reliever that works within moments of application.


essential oils for cuts

Our oil is backed up with numerous independent laboratory tests. Nature’s 86 kills powerful bacteria like Staph, Strep and MRSA (the super bug). Click here to view one of our lab reports

Not only is Nature’s 86 natural and 100% organic.

It is backed by science to treat Cuts, Burns, Scrapes and Bug Bites. There are no other essential oils for cuts as effective as Nature’s86. We guarantee it with our no questions asked refund policy. Click here to see our refund policy

Once people use our oil and see for themselves how quickly wounds heal they are a customer for life.

Want to know what makes Nature’s 86 the top essential oils for cuts? Read our Ingredients list here.

Active Ingredients: Glycerin.

This unique naturally occurring oil is composed of triglycerides containing multiple combinations of fatty acids and glycerol.

Ingredients: Properties
Oleic Acid Cell Repair / Moisturizer
Palmitic Acid Emulsifying agent / Cleansing agent
Linoleic Acid Anti-inflammatory
Palmitoleic Acid Anti-inflammatory
Stearic Acid Emulsifying agent
Alpha-Linolenic Acid Antimicrobial / Anti-inflammatory
Docosahexaenoic Acid Antimicrobial / Anti-inflammatory
Eicosapentaenoic Acid Antimicrobial / Anti-inflammatory
Eicosenoic Acid Anti-inflammatory
Other saturated &

unsaturated fatty acids


Anti-inflammatory / Stability

If you are already familiar with essential oils you will recognize a lot of these ingredients. If you are new to the essential oils market and looking to try a new safe alternative to over the counter medications. We give you a brief description of what each ingredient does. As you can see besides just being great on cuts, Nature’s 86 contains properties that make it ideal for treating burns. Its disinfectant properties assure that your wound is being cleared of all bacteria.

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