Essential Oils for Inflammation

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  • September 5th, 2018

In this article we discuss Essential Oils for Inflammation. Specifically the kind of inflammation that comes from cuts, bug bites and burns. There are other oils out there that can reduce inflammation in joints and muscle soreness. We will be addressing that topic with a separate article at a later date.

Today we will talk about oils for inflammation.

There are currently many over the counter drugs on the market to help reduce inflammation in cuts, scrapes, burns and bites. Most of these OTC ointments and oils contain bacitracin. Bacitracin while it can reduce bacteria count, it also comes with some other issues. Some people experience hives, rash, itchiness and issue’s breathing when applied. While this is a small percentage of people that his happens to it is still worth noting. The other issue with bacitracin is it only kills bacteria. It does not treat fungal or inflammation. It is also recommended that you only use it in very small areas on the body.

So what are the best natural essential oils for inflammation?

Nature’s 86 address all parts that are experienced with a cut, burn or insect bite. First and most importantly it tackles the bacteria found in wounds that can lead to serious complications down the road. Some of the more nasty bacteria that it kills are Staph, Strep and MRSA. MRSA is the antibiotic resistant bacteria that has the medical community up in arms. This nasty bug is very hard if not impossible to treat using standard antibiotics on today’s market. To see the independent lab results showing Nature’s 86 killing MRSA Go here

Essential Oils for Inflammation

The 2nd part of a wound is inflammation. Nature’s 86 reduces and decreases inflammation in cuts, burns and bites. By doing this, it is the only essential oil on the market to make the claim of reducing inflammation and killing bacteria such as MRSA. Inflammation in wounds is one of the triggers that make an affected area hurt. By applying Nature’s 86 you are helping to relieve pain. This makes it the strongest essential oils for inflammation.

Finally and also equally important as its other attributes is that Nature’s 86 is 100% organic and all natural. Nature’s 86 composition of complex fatty acids (otherwise known as triglycerides) contain powerful mix of known and tested ingredients proven to tackle even the toughest skin conditions.

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