Midge Bites

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  • November 1st, 2018

Midge Bites are the one of the most annoying bugs out there in existence. Perhaps even more so than Mosquitoes. Midges, also known as no-see-ums or sandflies can come on quick and leave a path of destruction on your skin. Particularly red, often painful swelling and dots.

So what are midges doing when they bite you? Well, the annoying little critters are sucking your blood to feed. What’s even worse is most of the time you will not see them until it’s too late! So if not prepared you can end up getting some skin that looks like the picture below.

What can you do to prevent Midge Bites?

  1. Long sleeve shirts and pants are a good idea if you know its midge season. This is not always practical when things start to heat up.
  2. Stay inside. Again, not always pracatical when you want to go out and enjoy the summer or spring after being cooped up all winter.
  3. Buy and install a C02 trap in your backyard. This is a good idea for someone who likes to enjoy time in the backyard. This trap will lure the mosquitos and midges away and hold them in a trap where they die. Great for at home lounging but not a portable device for the hikers out there.
  4. Bug spray or repellent. This is the best option when it’s hot and you want to go explore the great outdoors. Now there are small carry sizes of repellent that can be bought to keep in your car or on your person.

Can disease be spread through Midge Bites?

The simple answer is No. There are no known transmitted diseases spread among humans from Midges. There is an issue with disease transmission between livestock. The most common one is called Blue Tongue.

How to treat Midge Bites and stop the pain and itching?

Nature’s 86 is a natural and organic oil proven to reduce swelling and itching from insect bites including Midges. The fast acting oil reduces pain on contact and will help reduce and in most cases elimate itching. By using all natural ingredients, Nature’s 86 not only treats Midge Bite symptoms, it help’s rejuvenate and heal your skin at the same time.

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