Natures 86

Natural Antifungal

Nature’s 86 is a powerful, natural antifungal topical treatment. Fungal infections can develop from a number of causes. Most notably, when you think of a “fungal infection”, you think athletes foot or jock itch. This is what’s known as a superficial fungal infection.

Another common form of a fungal infection is found around the toe or fingernails. This can occur when a cuticle is left untreated and becomes infected. When this happens, your body’s immune system is lowered. This throws off the balance of good microbes and allows the fungal infection to thrive and grow.

Antimicrobial and antifungal treatments are very similar. Researchers have claimed that if you have an antimicrobial treatment, there is no need for an antifungal treatment.  We have found this to be true as Nature’s 86 is both antifungal and antibacterial.  Users of Nature’s 86 have reported great success treating warts (viral infection) as well as many other forms of fungal infections.

More severe cases of fungal infections, such as infections arising after surgery, are treated with antibiotics.

Nature’s 86 provides natural antifungal treatment for topical fungal infections only. This includes athlete’s foot, jock itch, cuticle infection, and ringworm.

Get rid of your fungal infection naturally with the proprietary, antifungal formula of Nature’s 86.