Natures 86

Natural Pain Relief

Nature’s 86 offers natural pain relief for topical ailments such as cuts, scrapes, scratches, burns, bites and stings. Its unique blend of all natural ingredients will stop pain to the affected area within moments of treatment. No other natural pain relief oil or cream acts as quickly or effectively as Nature’s 86.

When you receive a cut, scrape or burn, your nerves tell the body something is wrong – often before your brain even realizes it. For example, if you touch a hot pan in the kitchen and you burn yourself, your hand is pulling away from the pan before it even registers in your brain. This reflex is a function of your nerves to help alleviate further damage to your body.

After an injury has registered in your brain, you start to notice the pain. In a burn wound, for example, your nerves around the affected area have been damaged, bacterial infection sets in, and this information is passed to your brain. There is also inflammation taking place to the affected area causing a tightness in the skin. By applying Nature’s 86 pain relief oil to the area, you are reducing inflammation and killing bacteria associated with the wound. The oil’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity greatly decreases and, in most cases, totally eliminates the pain signals that are being sent to your brain.

In an era where pills have become an epidemic to stop pain, reach for a natural pain relief oil to treat your topical wounds safely, naturally, and effectively!